Going to Cu Lao Cham there are two ways:
Fast, compact, quick to go on the day: buy tour in 600k Da has a shuttle bus from 7am to 3pm on arrival.
Option 2: carry balo and explore, stay one night on the island, explore more, experience more, follow me!
Cu Lao Cham Marine Protected Area, 18 km south of Hoi An, consists of many small islands and seven stretches, about three times the size of Ly Son Island, which is recognized by Unesco as a biosphere reserve. gender.
What time Cham Cham?
Definitely summer. In March to August, Cu Lao Cham is warm and not harsh as in the mainland, calm sea, blue water and warmth. Beautiful weather, less rain.
– In contrast, you should avoid traveling Cu Lao Cham from September to February next year, because this time Cu Lao Cham is almost isolated. Cause is due to this time when the sea, waves, storms can not sail boat to the island.
One day in Cu Lao Cham tourist paradise
One day in Cu Lao Cham tourist paradise
Our guide starts from Hoi An. If you drive from Da Nang to Hoi An, then overnight at the pier at Bach Dang Street
Wood: 30k / person. Only 1 train departs from Hoi An’s harbor to the island. The train departs very early (from 7h.m to 7h30am) and then to Cua Dai stop to pick up more guests. If you are drunk, you should wait for the boat at Cua Dai wharf, which will shorten the speed of the boat at 90 degrees. Waiting for the boat at Cua Dai is likely to be abandoned and forced to take the canoe as it only allows more than 80 people, including children, and priority on the island.
10h30 vessels arrive at Cu Lao Cham wharf and continue to welcome guests back to Hoi An. Thus, Cu Lao Cham wants to return to the mainland by wooden ships must be present at the wharf before 11am.
Canoes: fare unstable, go up the island higher prices at the mainland: 150k, 200k, 300k, depending on the number of guests. At long time guests have to wait for a long time, but only 15’_20 ‘is to arrive. When we ask the homestay owner negotiate for 100k / person
As a biosphere reserve, there are no luxury hotels or resort villas, only the homstay of the island people.
The whole family is too homestay of her sister # Phuong Duong newly built, spacious room airy, airy, around the orchid, clean but super cheap, delicious seafood you are delicious, talk comfortable , Super like!
See homestay pictures and seafood prices under the article
Telephone home owner: 0987.443.852
What to play in Cu Lao Cham:
In addition to the beautiful landscape, peaceful with rich marine ecosystems, Cu Lao Cham also carries the ancient Cham culture, Sa Huynh, Dai Viet Ancient with relics.
Sea CLC Museum is located right at the stop when the boat dock, so visit to learn about CLC
The Cham cave (or Cam Xong Well) is nearly 200 years old. It is said that the well water is never dry, even in the dry season, drinking wells from FA wells.
Hai Tang Pagoda: built in 1758, renovated again in 1848 (I traced GG), worship and the gods, serving the needs of beliefs on the island.
Cu Lao Cham market (or Tan Hiep market), near the dock area, sells specialties of wild vegetables, fresh seafood and cheap, especially the sunlight is dried directly look attractive. Price of 500k / 1kg, if the ink dry, the higher the price.
Temple of nest nests: the temple is located in Huong beach, a very small population, so very clean and quiet, built early 19th century. This is also the place to exploit CLC nest. When the boat to visit the island, across here see a lot of birds nest on the high cliffs, but the boat does not reach this beach.
Scuba diving and reef watching: This is the most interesting and absolute items can not be missed when coming to CLC. To dive into the coral, b can rent a canoe directly to the beach and rent life jackets and diving glasses. Or, as we go to the ship will visit a whole round of CLC beaches such as Hon Chong, Hon Ba, Hon Yen … then will round the coral reefs (I forgot what it was then) and swimming At the coral reef, the ship owner will lend a life jacket and glasses, drop ladders from the train to the sea to swim in the sea just bathed, while watching the coral to bored at the time.
The feeling of watching the coral reefs CLC what it did where, wearing glasses looked down as a moving coral forest, each green fish, blue light, there are many sea urchins do not know catch.
Boat rental: 1trd / tau or 100k / ng per person if you transplant many people. Shipowners are also the three homestay sister always should go out on a comfortable day to charge once.
Note: do not break the coral !!!!
Another interesting experience is the motor cycle around the island, along the asphalt road, one side is forest, one side is blue sea, cool.
Evening drive to the boat, 30k coconut sitting on the sea breeze, looking to the sky is a vast space without any high-rise buildings, meet on a full moon that watching the moon is all want to return to TP.
Wake up early can swim sunrise on the island, or rent camping tent at sea 150k / tent 3 people (contact homestay homestay hire always)
What to eat at CLC:
Of course seafood and wild vegetables!
CLC is famous because there are many seafood such as lobster, abalone, rock crab, snail her …
Since crabs are in the list of conservation and fishing, exploitation should not have the opportunity to eat (before it was not very valuable m has been eaten)
When we go to sea diving to see the homestay mother went to buy seafood processing to their party, the price is very loving lun (included public preliminaries):
Three-point crab: 250k / kg
Her breast: 100k / kg
Abalone: 500k / kg, we only buy 1 / 2kg of porridge to try to eat too much, but because of the abalone, to cook the pot of green bean porridge is also much lun.
Martyrs and sea urchins: 30k / each (Out of people sell 60k / big one)
Six people sleep in a double room with two large air conditioners, two mats hanging hanging out the house cool outside, that she took 400k love
The next morning, get up early to eat breakfast, drink cf, go around the house on the island asked to buy jackfruit, which is not yet ripe
After lunch, my sister cooks (people 50k), they ask her to negotiate cank 100k / ng, paid all the expenses for her, and just to the pier to drink coffee watching the sea waiting for the canoe. 2h cano has face.After a round trip by wooden ship 3 hours of drunken obsession, then, sitting on the canoe to tear the wind, feeling like from a bike that climbed through a 500cc motorcycle, did not think. And sour 20 ‘after was present at Cua Dai – Hoi An.
Ends 2 days 1 night on the island
Travel expenses for food and drink for 7 adults and 2 children at homestay (sour beverages) carry 3,900,000d
NOTE: _ Because the reserve biosphere reserve TG island, so when visiting the island absolutely do not carry plastic bags, do not litter indiscriminately and strictly prohibit coral re-take.
Traveling to the island will have to buy tickets to visit the island is 70.000d / nguoi again! (Free for people on the island or relatives to visit or something self-understanding)
Have a happy one day!



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