5 things to note during your trip to Thailand

Are you going to have your first Thai trip? But do not rush to “dream” to shimmering temples, stunning blue beaches or local dishes “the best in the earth”. Make sure that you have fully equipped the 5 Thai travel experiences below so that the first steps in your Thai land are unimpeded and become an unforgettable youthful memory!

1. Make a list of indispensable items

First, and at the same time, the most important thing: checking the passport’s useful term. Make sure your passport validity is valid for at least six months based on your planned trip end date. If this is not met, it is best to extend your passport to avoid immigration procedures when doing immigration procedures.

Thailand exempted entry visas for 46 countries, including Vietnam. This visa is a tourist visa, which will have a maximum duration of 30 days of travel (in case you enter via international airports in Thailand).

After having peacefully “come in” Thailand, the second problem you need to keep in mind is your “purse”. Make sure you have enough cash and that’s the baht (Thailand’s current currency)! Because being a “neighbor”, life in Thailand is quite similar to Vietnam, so many restaurants, cafes and places of Thai entertainment only accept cash without a “swipe” place. card”.

2. Book air tickets online

3. Pack “just enough” stuff with at least 2 polite costumes

One of the Thai travel experiences you need to refer to is the “pack style”. Because Thailand is a neighbor country, the weather and climate of this smile are quite similar to Vietnam, you don’t need to be too “freaked out” when arranging luggage. No need to bring cold-resistant jackets or boots, thin jackets and sneakers will be the best choice for you.

In particular, an important Thai travel experience you need to remember when packing: make sure you bring at least 2 polite costumes, such as long pants (skirts), shirts with hands, not too thin or revealing, etc. Because Thailand is a country of faith and religion (about 95% of Thailand’s population is Buddhist), they attach great importance to rituals at temples and pagodas; and if you wear inappropriate clothes, indigenous people have the right to refuse to allow you to visit, or at least have an unfriendly view of you.

4. Make a list of destinations, in particular, not to overlook temples and beaches

Coming to Thailand, ignoring the temples and beaches is like you … have not set foot in this country. Although there are hundreds of “floating like alcohol” destinations such as the Madame Tussauds wax museum in Bangkok, Siam Paragon, the first shopping mall, museum of 3D Trick-eye; temples have hundreds of years of history and beautiful beaches like paradise are still Thai specialties and tourist symbols.

Bonus travel tip: make arrangements to visit these interesting destinations too, including the Grand Palace complex (when you’re in Bangkok) and the areas of Phuket, Pattaya, Ko Samui, Ko Phi Africa (list of beautiful beaches of Thailand).

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5. Forget fastfood, go to Thailand to eat for specialties!

Why go to Thailand and then “head” into fast food stores? It should not be at all when this country is known as the culinary paradise. Make sure you try Thai specialties on Thai soil: tom yum (Thai sour soup), Thai pad (stir-fried noodles), som tam (papaya salad), khao niew ma muang (mango sticky rice) … Please!

In particular, Thailand is also famous for street food, so make sure you spend some time peeking around the eating streets or weekend market meetings to enjoy the flavorful dishes. origin, and sometimes “unique” – for example “fried” dish with crickets, scorpions, pupae … In addition, there are also restaurants and bars with delicious, cheap, and delicious Thai dishes. guaranteed birth will not disappoint you. You can consult the list of Thai restaurants in Bangkok here.

However, you should also pay attention to eating during the trip, do not be too “loved” yourself and tolerate large quantities of Thai dishes, because most of them have coconut water and sour spices. Spicy, will not be good for your stomach. If not, you will “sting” again because of those indigestion symptoms.

When you first arrive in another country you will inevitably be surprised and excited. With the experience of Thai tourism need to know for this first trip, hope you will have a good preparation to be able to enjoy the time in the land of Golden Temple in the most comfortable way. If you need to consult about the travel schedule Bangkok – the capital of Thailand – then see this article



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